Award Fast Search – By Arbitrator

This tool is designed to provide lightning-fast searches through Arbitrator awards. The purpose of this search tool is to provide efficient and rapid results, focusing only on the ‘Findings’ section of the awards.

Please note that the search may not include all awards, and only awards given by the specific Arbitrator are included in the search.

Here’s how to get the most out of your search experience:

  • Keyword Search: Enter your desired search terms into the input box labeled ‘Enter search terms…’ and click the ‘Search’ button, or press Enter on your keyboard. Results are updated live as you type.
  • Search Operators:
    • Term Exclusion: You can exclude terms with the ‘-‘ prefix. For example, ‘docket -rocket’ will search for documents that must include ‘docket’ but not ‘rocket’.
    • Wildcard: By default, words are searched with a trailing wildcard. For example, def will search for ‘defense’, ‘defenses’, ‘define’, etc. This useful if you want to get multiple forms of a word, and it allows search to be perfomed as you type.
    • Exact Term or Phrase: If you want to search for a specific phrase, or to prevent wildcard expansion you can enclose the term in quotes. For example, ‘docket rocket’ will produce results where these words appear next to each other, ‘car’ will only match ‘car’ but not ‘carrier’
  • Keyboard Hotkeys: Use the ‘n’ and ‘p’ keys to navigate to the next and previous match, respectively.