Tech Solutions for
New York No-Fault Insurance

Advising Healthcare Providers

We provide comprehensive solutions for healthcare providers operating the New York no-fault insurance space.  We advise in areas such as corporate structure and operating processes, optimal billing and collection procedures, provider Examination Under Oath (EUO) representation, civil RICO litigation, and other matters.


To streamline the providers’ collection practices, we have developed a number of exclusive tech solutions including custom billing and collection software.  We offer billing and bill submission and collection services.

Recent No-Fault Court Decisions

March 21, 2024

Community Med. Imaging P.C. v American Tr. Ins. Co. (2024 NY Slip Op 50301(U))

The main issue in this case was whether a No-Fault insurance arbitration determination should be vacated where the hearing arbitrator found that the respective bill was mailed past the 45-day deadline for submitting proof of claim due to a lack of...

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March 18, 2024

Hereford Ins. Co. v Physio Care Physical Therapy, PC (2024 NY Slip Op 24083)

The court considered the fact that the plaintiff had already filed a summons and complaint and an amended summons and amended complaint, and that the defendant failed to answer, appear, or otherwise respond to the amended complaint. The court also...

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Market Share of New York Auto Insurance Claim Denials

Medical providers in New York who provide services to individuals injured in auto accidents often have their claims denied by insurance companies, either in part or in full. These denied claims frequently go to arbitration, and if not settled, result in an award. Hundreds of thousands of cases are filed in the New York no-fault arbitration forum every year.
These graphs display the number of arbitration awards involving the larger insurance companies. Note that this graph may not accurately represent the market share of the different carriers in the New York auto insurance market since denial rates are not uniform. Additionally, the numbers may be influenced by variations in the tendency to settle claims before they reach the arbitration stage. Despite these limitations and others, this graph may still provide an approximation of business trends.

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